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031604's Journal

7 September
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It's all about me <3; My name is Laci although many people tend to call me Laci Lin. I was brought into this world on September 7th, making me a virgo. I currently live in Point Pleasant NJ where I attend PPBHS. My parents are divorced & I currently live with my dad - I have an older brother John (19) & a younger sister Shelbi (11) & I love my family to death. I love to sing. dance. party. write. go to the beach. boardwalk. & movies. I skate. surf. snowboard. & all that good stuff hehe. I work at Jenk's boardwalk. I am currently single. As far as looks go I stand 5'5" off the ground with hazel eyes that tend to turn a goldish color or green, I have brown shoulder length hair w/ dark red highlights & I have my cartilage. ears (4). bellybutton. & nose pierced. I am a very wild. kind. caring. outgoing. & honest person. I like to tell things straight out exactly how it is. & if you don't like me that's fine because I am only me =)